PhantomPeer VPN Service

I-Blocklist has launched a VPN and proxy service named PhantomPeer.
To find out more please visit the site at

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Anti-Infringement I-Blocklist
P2P Allow I-Blocklist
Spammers I-Blocklist
US Government Blacklist Squidblacklist
Prime Squidblacklist
Malicious Squidblacklist
Piracy Related Squidblacklist
Pornography Squidblacklist
Ads and Trackers Squidblacklist
Proxies Squidblacklist
level1 Bluetack
level2 Bluetack
level3 Bluetack
edu Bluetack
rangetest Bluetack
bogon Bluetack
ads Bluetack
spyware Bluetack
proxy Bluetack
badpeers Bluetack
Microsoft Bluetack
spider Bluetack
hijacked Bluetack
dshield Bluetack
forumspam Bluetack
webexploit Bluetack
iana-reserved Bluetack
iana-private Bluetack
iana-multicast Bluetack
fornonlancomputers Bluetack
exclusions Bluetack
HOSTS Bluetack
Primary Threats TBG
General Corporate Ranges TBG
Business ISPs TBG
Educational Institutions TBG
Search Engines TBG
Hijacked TBG
Bogon TBG
DROP Spamhaus
ZeuS abuse
SpyEye abuse
Palevo abuse
Malicious CI Army
malc0de malc0de
adservers Yoyo
RapidShare PeerBlock
bogon cidr-report
Pedophiles I-Blocklist